Potionmaster Cheat Sheet

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We spent some good time coming up with flowery names, descriptions, and ingredients for our eight “potions.” That part is in everyone’s potion textbook. They even have an appendix in the back that maps things like “Goblin Sweat” to “bourbon.” But there are two areas where a cheat-sheet would come in handy. The first is if someone just needs to be a muggle for a bit — whether they’re getting tired of flipping between potion recipe and ingredient translation. The second is when the potionmaster needs to collect up empty test tubes, refil them quickly, and place the fresh ingredients in a cabinet.

I made two sheet sheets to cover these scenarios. I even themed them after the old-school Clif Notes graphic design.

Potionmaster Cheat Sheet

The day of the party, I even amended the restocking sheet with which cabinet the fresh ingredients should be put into, plus a count of how many total test tubes there should be of each.

Potionmaster Cheat Sheet, amended

The source files are available on the GitHub project page.