Potions Textbook

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Redesigned in 2019 to simplify ingredients and add a few nonalcoholic options.

The potions textbook was the instruction manual for the party. It holds instructions for casting spells with your wand to open the potions cabinets and to activate the mixing stations. And most importantly, it holds the recipes for all eight possible drinks.

Coming up with the drinks was a challenge. We knew we wanted a Harry Potter twist on a few standards such as the Martini and Manhattan. We also wanted to do some more interesting custom drinks. But due to limited cabinet space, we needed the Venn Diagram of all ingredients to overlap as much as possible! You can see a little more detail on the GitHub README page for the drinks.

Outside Cover

Outside Cover

Outside Cover

Inside Cover

Inside Cover


(Note: these have a “folded booklet” or “zine” page ordering and may not be straightforward to read on the web.)

Spread 1

Spread 2

Spread 3

Spread 4

Spread 5

Spread 6

Spread 7

Spread 8

Spread 9

Spread 10

Spread 11

Spread 12

Redesigned in 2019.

The 2019 version of the textbook — the “second edition” — retired a few potions and added a few non-alcoholic concoctions. In the process, it also removed and consolidated some of the ingredient stock, to make things easier on the potionmaster who had to refill the cabinet stocks.

Nonalcoholic Potions


  • Added: Beguiling Bubbles (orange/vanilla soda, like a creamsicle)
  • Removed: Dementor Curative (chocolate martini)
  • Modified: Elixir of Desire (pomegranate/lemon/lime soda)

We also updated the list of ingredients for each potion, better separating items to be retrieved from potions cabinets and stock items in a communal area (garnishes).