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A few days before the party, a friend decided to “toilet paper” my house, but using a more adult and civilized method. Apparently there is a business here in Portland called Think Pink Flamingo Flocking that you can hire to “flock” someone’s house. The flamingos show up in the middle of the night one evening, hang around for a few days, then disappear in the middle of the night. I apparently got a custom Harry Potter themed setup.

The friend who secretly arranged the flocking later confessed that it felt thematically appropriate. “It’s as if a wizard family went out to live among the muggles, heard that they like to put flamingos out as lawn ornaments, and didn’t realize they’d overdone it. The same might be the case elsewhere, but with garden gnomes.”

Flamingos, 1

Flamingos, 2

Flamingos, 3