Azkaban Jail

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Our cat-sized Azkaban Prison arose from a previous project of mine: a Toy Story inspired jail. See that linked blog post for more detail, but effectively this was a cardboard-box jail inspired by a window display at Disney’s Main Street. It had been beaten around for about eight months at this point. Most of the jail bars were busted. It tipped sideways, which ended up being a happier configuration for the “prisoner,” Cornelius, to dive into and to leap out and ambush.

Disney's Toy Story Jail

I’d been meaning to update this to a sideways design, but Christine jumped in and made an Azkaban Prison variant, themed for the party. With a little bit of vinyl cutter help (much like the Toy Story jail), we had an Azkaban vinyl sticker. She finished it with a decopage-like covering of black tissue paper.

It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.

Azkaban Jail